Monday, May 09, 2005

Not sure

I have been so confused these days. So I want to ask you some questions
1.What is moral? and how far do you think we can do whatever we want to.
2.Do you think you are honest person by heart? What do you think yourself?
3.What is the definition of good relationship?
Personally, I cannot keep doing something if somebody feel hurt. So what I always try to do is to consider an issue as if I were a person who is in a certain situation. If I feel the person is going to get hurt, I wont do that any more. I guess this is an ordinary answer though. Second, I do not think I am honest person by heart but I have been trying to be honest as much as I can. But sometimes it is hard to keep being honest though. So sometimes I feel like I have some evil spirit in my mind. Do you sometimes feel the same way like me, too? or not? Finally, I believe that good relationship is to keep knowing each other more and more everyday and never stop knowing. Everyone is changing everyday and the world is, too. So we have to keep learning something from everyday life.
----------What do you think?------------


Anonymous ECgirl said...

Hey you~.
Moral... I sometimes know what it is and sometimes don't know...
Am I honest from the heart...? Sometimes I am, sometiems not... haha
Definition of good relationship... I guess one way to put it is being able to communicate with each other well?

I think there are both good and bad within me. I want to balance those and keep trying to make the bad part of me fix and good part make it better even more, LITTLE BY LITTLE.

Well, see you later, Tamayo!

10:54 PM  

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