Friday, May 06, 2005

Made it!

I could get though my all presentations and also the research market project about Netherlands! Yey!! I could learn a lot from our group project though! Probably, I read more than 100 various kind of resource papers to get my part done for market research. Our market research project is about at least 30 pages long. We had to printed them out nicely like a book when we turn them in. I just glanced at our nicely-printed project a littel bit before we turn it in..but I was so impressed though! I have had difficulties to find good resouces for it and also finish my part for a long time but I felt my effort was paid off! In International Marketing class, we had to present our project as well and I took the responsibility of Economic statistics part of Nehterlands. The requirement of the presentation was to present our project without reading note cards. I have never done presentation without reading note cards before and I had only one day to prepare for that. So I was kind of nervous the day before the presentation. But it worked well!! Yey! Since our presentation was recorded on a video tape, I want to copy it and take it back to Japan!
Through three presentations and group projects, I realized the importance to do my best as much as I can even if it does not work well sometimes. Actually, I have not done well with group work such as giving my ideas and stuffs. And I have blamed myself like "why cannot I do that?? or something like that. However, a few days ago, I found that everything was new for me in the first place and I thought what I have to do is to get used to them not complete them. Sine then, I have been feeling more comfortable! And you know what, I have been doing much better than before! I could participate group work really easily! Ans also I could get motivated more than before! This is good thing though! I want to keep going!!!
"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." ----by Finding Nemo


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