Saturday, May 07, 2005

Holly shit!!

Today was the day for the Ropes course from 9:00am till 4:00. I was kind of looking forward to do the Ropes course though because I am sure I can do many things I have never done before! The part we did in the mornign was fine because all of the activities were supposed to do on the ground. Actually, they were fun though. But rest of the part we did in the afternoon was soooooooo much scary for me. First what I did first was climb up a poll 30 feetish tall and walk some flat platforms. You might not know but acutally, I am really scared of height so I hate to ride a Roller coasters and even Fells wheels. So.. as you can easily imagine how I did get scared. Second thing I did was to climb up a poll 30 feetish tall and stand on the top of it..then jump off to kind of small swing. Those were just HOLLY SHIT! I could not even say that but soooooooooo much for me and I could not help crying while I was doing that. But everybody such as my teammates supported me a lot with cheering me up all the time with saying like you can do it, Tamayo! And after the each climbing everybody said to me like "You did great job" or " You are awesome" So! I could make it! I really felt the importance of teammates and their power today. In the meantime, I am satisfied with my job and could get some sort of achievement today. Also, I am sure I could get more confidence through today's Ropes course. I felt nervouse so much before I did and also scared a lot but I bet I did awesome experience I have ever had before today! SO AWESOME!


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