Saturday, April 30, 2005

Rina's day

Yesterday was the day for Rina's dance work. I have looked forward to seeing her dance since last year sooooooooo that was really an exciting thing for me! Before we go to the theater, we made Japanese food with other Japanese. It was also such a fun time! Rina was soooo cool on her stage. I wish I could dance like her! I really like the her hip-hop one though! so awesome!
Today, some of them have gone to Chicago for I feel the dorm is kind of quiet though. Anyways, I have lots things to be done by tomorrow so better to go back to my work!


Anonymous Rina said...

Hi Tamayo!
Thank you for writing about my dance performance.
I'm so glad that you guys came to see the concert, and I hope you enjoyed it.
Talk to you later~.
Love, Rina ^^

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Jean Crowe said...

Jean Crowe says: Tamayo, your Blog spot has been neglected! I enjoy reading it and looking at the pictures. I hope you are well and that we will hear from you soon. Love, Jean

3:41 PM  

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