Saturday, April 30, 2005

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Rina's day

Yesterday was the day for Rina's dance work. I have looked forward to seeing her dance since last year sooooooooo that was really an exciting thing for me! Before we go to the theater, we made Japanese food with other Japanese. It was also such a fun time! Rina was soooo cool on her stage. I wish I could dance like her! I really like the her hip-hop one though! so awesome!
Today, some of them have gone to Chicago for I feel the dorm is kind of quiet though. Anyways, I have lots things to be done by tomorrow so better to go back to my work!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Pop quiz for ya!

How long do you think did I speak in English today or this semester? I am not sure either but I am sure I spoke a lot of Japanese with my friends though. And I felt that I tend to ignore the situation now and also I am kind of running awaw from something. Everytime I attend the Management class, I feel I am such a damn person because I cannot say anything. I hate myself sitting on a chair without saying anything in the class but sometimes this has happened. I cannot change myself...but I want to and also it is possible, you know. I need courage to step forward.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Guess what?

I will give you some clues.
1. Something white
2. rarely expect at the end of April or the beginning of May
3. something to do with Wisconsin
4. already melted away
5. I do not think I can see it again
6. today's lowest temprature was 3 degrees Celsius
Can you guess what?
The answer is......SNOW!
OMG! I cannot believe it! I could not help doubting my eyes when I first saw it today. I have longed for warm spring no more cold weather!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Sweet friends

I have been sick for a few days. I rarely catch cold because I am so Genki, you know. And I can cure it by myself except something bad like flu. However, this time was different though. I tried to cure it by myself first but did not work at all so I went to the health service center. They told me to come again if I cannot feel any recovery for a few days, which means my cold is not so bad one. So I felt relief a little bit. After that, I went to McPHEE for workout with Kanae as usual. Then I prepared for today's presentation, French quiz and etc. Around 11.00 or something, Kanae came over my room and gave me a ice cream!! And Yuka gave me a yoghurt! What a sweet girls! I always say that it is good for you to eat a ice cream when you get fever. They remember it and bought one for me! I think that helped me a lot and I feel better now! Thank you guys! I really Love you guys!
My presentaion in Management class is over so I can feel relaxed now even though there are still lots of work to do though. Next my task from today's presentation is to answer questions accurately as soon as I can. Actually, I did not have any courage to present something in front of people in English when I came here, but now I can present in front of people in English without feeling nervous. I think this is one of the most improved thing since I came here. But I am not still able to answer something like real quick questions. So I have to complete this task next!! Only about 1 month left for us. I really feel like going back to Japan and also staying here. But I strongly want to come back to the U.S to get Master of Business Administration for the future! So going back to Japan is not "end" for me but new "start"!! I am excited!!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

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West side story

Yesterday was the day for Yuka! We all went to the state theater to see her play, West side story. It was kind of hard to understand whole story but I enjoyed their dance and song a lot! Yuka looked like a star on the stage and she was really good! I like her dance! After her play, we went back to Towers and waited for her until she gets back. And we tried to surprise her by pretending everybody had already gone bakc to their room though..but..we could not make it, you know somehow she noticed it naturally. haha. Anyway, after that, we saw a film, Supersize me, actually, I could not see all of it because I felt really sleepy.
Yuka has 2 more days to play again. I hope those plays will go well and she can get very precious memories from them.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

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Friday, April 15, 2005

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Battle of the band night!

Today...I could accomplish one of my tasks today, which was to ask questions in International Marketing class! I made it! I could ask a questions! YES! I have been difficult time to ask questions or say something in front of the people. But in Management class..I felt like I am such a DAMN again. I could not follow the speed of this class. Always we have to be done with some tasks and discuss it. I could write my thoughts down but it is not enough for me to think about it and discuss it! But I did try to say something but it did not seem like worth while stating in the class as our group answers. So I felt like I was totaly out of it doday though. Oh, man..OK! Lets talk about the battle of the band tonight! It was awesome! This is first time to go to the bar for me! Little bit too loud there, you know but it was so fun! Kanae, Erika and Ryo also came to the battle of the band thing. I hope they had a great time there, too! Before the battle of the band, I went to a restaurant with Cady and Becca. (They are the member of the O.N.E club)The food was sooooooo good! I really miss Japanese food but I like it. And they are such nice girls so I could enjoy talking with them. Because of too much talking, we were kind of late today for the battle of the band but it was OK though. This is my day today!

P.S I have to say something to you. All what I can say is Love you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Happy our 2nd Anniversary!

I should have done this yesterday, actually. But I was so busy yesterday for preparing for today's French exam and Econ quiz.
Well, I hope we can meet soon and spend a great time together and also forever.
Love you.

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