Friday, March 18, 2005

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Spring break started

Long...looong week was over though. I felt like I was going crazy.. because this week, I had three tests and one paper due. So I did not go out last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Just stuck in my room! not much fun though. Most of the tests was not soo bad as I expected even though I did not know about the Marketing one. What made me nurvous the most was the Marketing one because it was the first exam and covered 7 chapter plus, after taking the exam individually, we had to answer the questions as a group. This means.. I had to argue with American if I cannot agree with them. I was soo scared about that but actually it was fun! I have never taken that kind of a fun test before. ( I quite enjoyed it. ha ) On Wednesday, I had economics exam.., actually, I thought I scrwed it up but I got A ..I do not know why though. Anyways, everytime I took exams, I tend to make very easy mistakes though. I really do not want to make such a easy mistakes and go over them again and again but I have never found easy mistakes before I hand in, which is not good. I have to be more careful on exams and also daily lives.
Today, second snow storm hit Eau-Claire! I cannot believe it! It is March already though! ha. Anyways, Yuka, Erika and Kanae have already left to the NYC. I feel terribly lonly today because most of the students have already left to their home, too. I am really looking forward to going to my host's house tomorrow! I have not seen them such a long time!
Well.. I am thinking to put something like worth while to read not just like my dairy please keep checking my HP! Thanks!

Saturday, March 12, 2005

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Snow storm in March

Today is March 12th and yesterday was March 11th. In general, we can go outside without a jacket in Japan however, here in Wisconsin, we cannot do that. The day before yesterday, most of the snow melted, so I felt like "Yeah! Spring is around the corner!" But yesterday evening was like snow storm that I have ever seen before. I could not see outside clearly through my room's window though. I felt like "THIS IS WISCONSIN" at the same time. But what surprised me most was that people were still driving like nothing happend. It is a top news in a day if snow sheeted like 2 centimeters in my home town though.
I have really fun news! A few days ago, my cousin, Noriyo-ne-tyan and my aunt sent packages for me. Soooooo sweet! Since my cousin asked me what I want as my birthday present, I told her Japanese snacks and Origami. So she sent me a lot of snacks and Origami!! I was really excited when I saw the stuffs though! And my aunt sent me my favorite food, Oshiruko!! I have not eaten yet, but I am soooo looking forward to eating it! One more sweet thing was my cousin's child, Hi-chan gave me letters. There are some pictures like Pika-tyu and.. I do not know but some other anime characters. I was surprised at her writing skills, too. I cannot wait to see them!! About two months to go!!
Ma-kun is busy these days for job hunting. I do not feel that I can get a job...because the company that I want to work for is really famouse and I guess many people will apply for the! I do not like being pessimistic...OK, "WHO KNOWS?" What I have to do is do my best!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

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