Sunday, February 27, 2005

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This weekend

Friday---We, Japanese gathered and made Japanese food again! The frequency to make Japanese food is almost once a week though! That means we really miss Japanese food and also Japan!! However, only two or three months left for us to stay here...that is really sad thing as same time. I went to bed at 1:00 am on Saturday, but most of them seemed to stay up late like 7:00 am on Saturday.. crazy people..haha.

Saturday---I got little bit depressed. I am not sure the reason but I did not feel like doing anything, so I just studied a little bit and went to McPHEE for workout. On the way from McPHEE to the Hilltop, Kanae and I happend to meet Yuka, Ryo and Kuya, so we had dinner together and talked a lot like 2 hours or something. That is not good for our study but we could not help it because of tooooo much fun!!

Sunday---I had a chance to chat with Ma-kun, which is one of my favorite time in a week. Today, some graduate students from Hyogo university came here and there was supposed to be a reception for them at Prof. Reiko's house. Kanae, Yuka, Erika, Ryo, Kuya and I went there by Risa's car. Actually, since too many people wanted to ride the car, some people (not me!!)had to be squashed in the back seat, which was kind of funny though. In the party, there were a lot of good food and I had a great time meeting with new people and had good food. One funny thing.. Mayumi's host father was teasing us as same way as my host father does. He told us like 64% in the US is overweight. maybe..

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

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Party in my host's house

I found that today is already Tuesday though. I am writing about the party on Sunday now.. haha...lazy lazy.. I went to the host house about noon and I made some food decorated a little bit. I spent my time talking with my host parents until the party starts. They moved to the previous house about 1 year ago(I guess..) so they held this party for showing their new house to their friends. We never did such a party in Japan, so it was quite a new experience for me. I was trying to fill the food up in order not to run out, which reminded me a part-time job experience in Soba restaurant. Actually, I did not like the part-time job but ! this was very fun to me. I really like to go to my host's house because I can feel relaxed there more than my real house in Japan even though my host father is always teasing me...haha..
Tomorrow, I promised that I am going to try to go swimming in the morning but I guess I cannot make it. It is because I feel soooooo sleepy these days even though I am not super busy every day.

Friday, February 18, 2005

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Today.. I had a French exam, which was difficult for me though. But I got a good grade on econ exam, so I do not feel soooooo bad now..but I do not want the prof. give me back the exam. Well.. after school, Kanae, Jason and I went to Target and Oakwood Mall and Kanae and I spent for 3 hours at least for shopping today..crazy girls! I know but we could not help it though! Sooooooo much fun! I got a pants for only 7 dollars or something. Acutually, that is for kids but I do not care so...I am sooo happy! After shopping, Monica, one of the Japanese lady, invited us for dinner, so we went to her house. She has 2 kids whose name are William and Henry. They are sooooooooo cute that I have ever met. We played with them by watching Kohaku the year before last year. Also, we talked a lot about our boyfriends and perspectives for marriage. Monica's opinion was that we, women should get married early and have a baby and do whatever we want to. I agree with that..kind of.. but I am not sure though. Before I met Ma-kun, I never think about marriage. However, somehow he made me change my mind, so now I am feeling is OK if I decided to get married with someone. But.. you know.. I am not sure because "marriage", to me, sounds obstacle for me. I do not mean that I do not want to get married but I am scared from "marriage". I do not know why though.. well..I will see in near future. Don't you get scared before like me? Never? It cannot be.. I do not believe you.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

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Gambare! Hi-chan!

I heard that Hi-chan, one of my cousin's children, is going to have an operation for her ears today. Actually, I had same kind of opperation when I was young. That was really scary thing for I hope that she does not get scared so much from it, and of course it going to go well.
Recently, we had really beautiful snow days! Since I had 8'oclock class then, I could not have enough time to take picture. I think that today was pretty much -9 degree(Celsius) when I went workout. Soooooo cold.. I hope that tomorrow is not going to be worse than today. Well.. I have French exam on Friday... so I have to go back to study though..but feeling sleepy..

Saturday, February 12, 2005

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This is the real winter !!

Today, we went snowboading!! This is first time for me. I did sking once before, but I have never tried snowboading before. I thought sking was really difficult for me, so I predicted that snowboading is also hard. That is...true! We learned how to do it from an instructor, but I do not think I could make it. I fell down to the ground many times from my bottom. Plus, I lunged toward the crowd because I could not stop myself, that made my instructor laugh though. Well, but that was really good exercise for me and also a lot of fun!! I want to do it again after I go back to Japan.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

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Chicken rice and Rice party

Yesterday, my friends and I made chicken rice! Those chicken rice were sooo delicious!! (became the successful one!) And today..we had a rice party! So.. I woke up early in the morning even though today is Saturday and made rice balls. We made two kind of rice balls, which were Kamameshi-rice ball and Sushi-rice ball. Those were also soooooo good!! At the party, I could had various of kind of rice such as Indian rice dish. All of them I ate were really delicious! And I could make new friends there! (I feel so happy! one of them is from France, so I learned one phrase from her today! awesome!) "Est-ce que et-tu tres mange?" I have to remember.. After that party, my friends and I went to the Gym to do some exercise. I had a chance to talk to a new Japanese student from Kansaigaidai there. Actually, I knew that there are two new commer from Kansaigaidai this semester but I did not have any chance to meet and talk to them, so that was so fun. But since I did not study yesterday.. I have to do it from now on..(I am sleepy though..)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

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