Saturday, January 29, 2005

Japanese food night

I am so lazy..I am writing about yesterday's Japanese food night though. Kanae, Ryo, Jason and I decided to make Japanese food in the Jason's car on the way from the post office. And I asked Yuka to make together..then..there were so many as I expected though. Actually, we did not celebrate Mayumi's birthday as Rina's, so this dinner was also for Mayumi. Mayumi had already promised to eat dinner together with Risa, who is a new Japanese and Yuka happened to meet Erika, so in total..9 people were there. We made soba, mochi, which was from Ma-kun, pasta, onigiri, and chirashizusi. (plus, Mayumi's birthday cake!) I ate too much though. But I could meet a new Japanese and Korean guy and have a really great time with them!! After that, Yuka, Risa and I went dancing! I have never been to such a place..but I found that dancing was soooo fun and good exersice for me! I will try it next time again!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

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Started the new semester..

About 6.00...I overslept.. my alarm clock did not ring at all though. I wanted to go swimming this morning but I missed it. Shoot.. well but today was pretty good for me. Actually, I attended wrong econ class..shame on me. But that was fine because the professor and the class was the same as I take this semester. I just showed up the early class. My econ class is supposed to start at 10.00, so on this Friday, I have one hour free time between French and econ class. Goood for me! Oh! you know what?? I slipped this morning on the way to the French class.. anyway I am fine though. I went to the Gym to walk, do some exercise with Kanae today! It was sooooooo fun! And I met Amanda!! She was one of the member who did volunteer work with me in Washington D.C!! soo nice to see her!! Tomorrow will be very good day for me, I suppose because I have international marketing class tomorrow!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

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One day before starting new semester

Today! I made it! Somehow..I created my own homepage!! Obviously, today is one day before the next new semester. I am not ready yet.. but I went to the bookstore to buy my new text books. and you know what? I happened to meet one of my friends who is from Indonesia. I have been worried about her after the Big Tsunami. But she seemed to be fine so I felt relief a little bit. I had lunch with her and some other my friends today. During the lunch, she was laughing a lot and also joking a lot. So I guess she is fine.(I hope so..) well.. I am wondering if I should go swimming tomorrow morning from 6.00 or not. I have 8.00 class it might be better for waking my brain up. Plus, it is really good for my health...and I will be able to lose my weight if I continue it. Ma-kun told that he did not like me any more if I gained a lot.. so sad..Did he fall in love with me if I was fat girl. I do not it so important??